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PE with Mrs. J. Rhodes

Hello ! Welcome to PE with Mrs. J. Rhodes!  
Hello, my name is Mrs. Rhodes. I am the
gym teacher for Hosford Park. Each gym class
will meet for forty minutes per week.
This year we are going to be intergrating  
math and balanced literacy into many of our
gym classes.
This year the activities will include basketball, golf,
volleyball, baseball/kickball, dance, and games
outside. Please make sure that students are
wearing gym shoes when coming to class.

Dance Presentation Schedule  

Starting the week of May 7, 2008, students in grades third thru fifth will be

 presenting their creative dance routine. Second graders can

present a dance routine as an extra credit project. Students are   

not required to have costumes or props. They may have group

dances or present as a solo performer. The length of the dances

to be between one and three minutes. Students who do not perform

receive a zero for the dance portion of the semester. All students must
perform in front of the class. There is no limit on how many students
may perform in a group.