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Ann Grant, RN
Ann Grant, RN
Ann Grant RN
Hosford Park Elementary

This is the Health Services page, written for you by your
school nurse.
I will try to keep interesting information for you to read monthly.
Ann Grant

Immunization Requirements

As your child enters elementary school, he/she must have on record at school written documentation of current immunization status.

The Indiana State requirements for K-grade 5 are:
    -5 DTap or Dtp
    -4 IPV/OPV
    -3 Hep B
    - 2 MMR
    - 1 Varivax ( chicken pox ) - soon to be 2
    - HIB (not required)
    - Prevnar ( not required)
The office and the nurse will periodically check the status of each child's records.  We will let you know of any need your child might have.
If you are ever in need of a shot, you may receive them free at the Lake County Board of Health.  Please see the nurse if you would like a list of locations and phone numbers.